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our mission:

to serve the best supported ridesharing community on the planet

This is a commitment that I made at the very beginning of the company, as I insisted on answering every rideshare call. Today, it’s the same passion for supporting our members that drives our entire team.

Marc-Olivier Vachon
founding president and CEO

We are there with you

outstanding customer service

Because empathy and pulling together are in Kangaride’s genes, we set ourselves apart with a customer service that is exceptionally responsive and attentive. Our team is there with you 7 days a week, all year round, and with a smile! What’s more, we’re the only ones doing it.

professional support

Monitoring the activity of our members, protecting their identity, checking driver's licences, a rating system... We make it a point of pride that our service is safe so that you can travel with peace of mind.

kangaride, it’s you

To offer the best ridesharing service, it’s important to give space to those who use it. Our members’ ideas are always helping us improve. And since the best way to improve a service is to use it, most of our employees are ridesharers themselves!

service, our priority

happy for the
last 100
call reviews
3 ok and 1 suggestion for improvement

Community members who contact our customer service department by phone have the opportunity to comment on their experience by answering a short questionnaire.

An overall score is then calculated as the average of the responses. You will find the global score here for the last 100 reviews submitted by our members.

Every interaction with a member is an opportunity for us to do better. We study these results in conjunction with other measures to better understand and serve our community.

commitment to excellence

These are our core values. Values that can never be put aside. Values that define who we are. Values that govern every aspects of Kangaride. Here are nine ways that illustrate how we live by these principles every day.

I see you

Everyone wants to be valued and to live in harmony. Always start by expecting the best from others.

the little things

Nothing’s more important than feeling good. Helping others to start the day with a smile and a warm heart is very important to us.

around a fire

We’re a family: employees and customers, drivers and passengers. With this in mind, it’s easy and natural for us to give our best. Pull up a seat!

be open

Don't slip anything under the rug. Communicate to the best of your ability and be true to yourself: warm, open-minded, and human. Transparent communication works miracles.

no robots!

You’re not here to perform a series of independent or disconnected tasks; you’re here to help the team do the best it possibly can. Let’s build something really incredible together!

your opinions are our compass

Everyone has something to say, and we want to hear from you! Employees, customers, new and old, your ideas mean a LOT to us. Give us feedback on facebook!

leave your mark

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken,” as someone once said. Find out where your unique talents overlap with your passions, and let your music play! What you bring to the world is unique.

the elegance of vessels

If it's not beautiful, it's to be reworked. If it's not simple, it's not there yet. Refine, refine, refine, and finally you will achieve the design that was meant to be (for now).

rare birds

Our priority: finding exceptional people, both within and outside our walls, and helping them spread their wings in the organization. Everything is possible when you work with the best.

Just to be the man
Who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

* I’m gonna be (500 miles)